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This product contains four selected hepatic protective ingredients – taurine, arginine, ornithine and zinc. With proven abilities to reduce oxidative stress and attenuate inflammatory response, they aid in protecting the liver and hepatic cells from free radical and alcoholic damage, hence reducing the burdens on the liver. By converting metabolites to urea, ornithine helps lowering blood ammonia levels after alcohol intake and helps to clear alcohol-derived negative feelings and fatigue. Zinc can improve hepatic detoxification and metabolism, repair hepatic cells and reduce hepatocyte apoptosis. Taurine and arginine attenuate liver lipogenesis, reduce lipid accumulation, and may help stabilize blood lipid and blood sugar levels in the body. Taking taurine supplementation for 2 months lowers liver enzymes significantly* and increases the activity of ADH and ALDH to metabolize alcohol, which encourages liver detoxification, sobering up and liver protection, and therefore supporting liver’s normal functional and overall well-being.

- Protects hepatic cells from damage
- Facilitates liver detoxification4,5
- Lowers liver enzyme levels

Suitable for people who are concerned about :
- Liver functions
- Liver enzyme levels
- Frequent socializing and staying up late
- Smoking and alcohol drinking habits
- Fatigue and weak immunity

Ingredients :
Taurine, Ornithine, Maltodextrin (Bulking Agent), Arginine, Zinc Glycinate, Magnesium Stearate (Anti-caking Agent), Colors (E102、E133)

Directions :
Take 2 tablets, once daily

Storage :
Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Cautions :
This product contains cereals containing gluten.
This product is a health supplement. Children aged 12 or below, pregnant or lactating women and people on medications should consult a doctor before taking.

Place of Origin :
Hong Kong

REBOOT YOUR Liver Defense 60s'
22500 25000

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