4100 4500

- Environmentally-friendly mosquito repellent for household indoor use.
- First choice for mosquito repellent to prevent mosquitoes, flies and lice bite.
- Made from citronella oil.
- No need for electricity, lighting, or spraying.
- Can be used repeatedly for around 3 months.
- No DEET.
- No harm to humans and animals.

Invert the product for 10 seconds, open the lid and put the product at place concerned. Close the lid after use. When use again, repeat the steps above.

Active ingredient:
Natural Citronella Oil 49% w/w

Precautions :
Do not take orally or apply to skin. Wash your hands with clean water after use. If product comes into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately. Seek medical advice if discomfort occurs. 

Hong Kong Pesticides Registration No.: 1P146(VP)

Mosquito Repellent 35g
4100 4500

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