4500 5000

1. Take out the mosquito repellent bottle, remove its cap and screw the bottle up to the device. Make sure the rod is centered and the bottle is upright.
2. Connect the device's USB cord to power supply. Press the switch and the indicator will light up to show the device is running.
3. After use, press the switch again and disconnect the USB cord form power supply. There is no need to unscrew the bottle but it must be kept in a vertical position at all times.

Transfluthrin 0.9% w/w

Suitable for infants over 6 months and adults to use (except for premature infants, infants with respiratory problems and pregnant women); It is also not recommended for households that raise cats or homeothermic animals to use.

Storage Condition:
Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children.
Do not store with food, water or utensils

Hong Kong Pesticides Registration No.: 1P146(VP)

Ding Ding Mosquito USB Powered Liquid Mosquito Repellent refill
4500 5000

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