7100 7900

​Designed according to ants’ habitual nature, this product uses a highly palatable formulation to attract ants. The bait has a delay effect of several to 24 hours^, allowing worker ants to return to their nest and pass the bait to the queen ant and larvae, leading to a chain killing effect that destroys the colony. There will be a significant decrease in the number of ants 2 weeks after use^. The bait is effective for over 3 months+. Hazards to human and animals. The long, narrow head is convenient for hard-to-reach areas like corners and narrow space.

Usage and Dosage :
Loosen the syringe cap, screw the needle head on and cut out the tip. Press the other end of the syringe to apply mung bean sized dots of bait at cabinet crevices, corners, interiors of electrical appliances, and places where ants live and often appear. Apply dots at intervals of 10cm. After use, replace the needle with the cap and seal the syringe inside the zipper bag. Reapply the bait 1 week after the first use, and then another month later. Use 3 - 5 times every year after that.

Scope of Application :
Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, storage room, warehouse, etc.

Active Ingredient:
Hydramethylnon 1% w/w

Hong Kong Pesticide Registration No: 1P49(RB)

Ding Ding Mosquito Ant Gel Bait
7100 7900

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