3800 4200

- Contain PMD, a natural anti-mosquito ingredient endorsed by the U.S. CDC
- Effective in repelling mosquitoes, midges, gnats, ticks and flies
- Spread the mosquito repellent active ingredients with Sakura scented around the body to form an invisible protective cover for 8 hours
- Convenient and portable, can be attached on bags, clothes, baby carriage, etc.
- Free of DEET and camphor
- Contained 3 mosquito repellent cards for economically-friendly refill format
- Suitable for families with infants and pets over 6 months old

Main ingredient: 
Eucalyptus Oil (PMD)10% w/w,  Citronella Oil 0.1% w/w

Remove the clip from the card holder. Take out a mosquito repellent card from the aluminum bag and insert it into the holder. Refasten the clip onto the holder and attach it to your personal belonging. Replace the card when the scent fades. After each use, take out the mosquito repellent card to put in the aluminum bag and keep it tightly sealed.

A card holder with clip and 3 mosquito repellent cards per box.

Cautions :
Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the mosquito repellent card.  Do not take orally or apply to skin.  If product comes into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately.  Seek medical advice if discomfort occurs.  Do not use this product  for anything other than the intended purpose.  Do not use near open flame.  Stop using if hypersensitivity occurs.  For children, use under adult supervision.  No specific antidote.

^PMD, endorsed by authorities like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Hong Kong Pesticides Registration No.: 1P198(VP)

Complete Mosquito Repellent Card (Cherry Blossom)
3800 4200

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