12400 13800

One spray to “disinfect and deodorize”, creating a thoroughly clean home!

Main Ingredient: Hypochlorous Acid 200ppm

Product Efficacy:
Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare and US FDA approved ingredient; non-irritating, colorless and odorless; no rinse needed
Tested to meet multiple EU requirements; Kills up to 99.9% of germs and flu virus
Quickly removes unpleasant household odors from cooking grease, mold, toilet, rubbish, etc.
Decomposes harmful substances and residual toxins; removes allergens caused by smoke
Can be sprayed directly in the air or on any item, including microwave, tableware, and toys
Suitable for households with infants and pets

Directions: Spray directly in the air or on tableware or any item for quick disinfection. No dilution or rinse is needed. Allow it to air-dry naturally. Repeat use if necessary.

Packaging: Each bottle contains 250ml and comes with a 360° surround long-lasting mist head.
FunFun Sakkin Household Disinfectant Spray 250ml
12400 13800

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