5900 6500

- Contain PMD, a natural anti-mosquito ingredient endorsed by the U.S. CDC
- Effective in repelling mosquitoes, midges, gnats, ticks and flies
- Repelling mosquitoes while releasing a relaxing Kyoho grape scent
- Ideal house décor carved into Kyoho grapes and Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture
- No need for electricity, lighting, or spraying
- Free of DEET and camphor
- Suitable for families with infants over 6 months old and pets

Active Ingredients:
Eucalyptus Oil 20% w/w, Citronella Oil 0.1% w/w

Put the aroma stone at the place concerned. Unscrew the bottle lid and pour about 20 drops of essential oil onto the stone

Aroma Stone and Essential Oil 20ml

Cautions :
The aroma stone is light in nature and may easily break or crack when bumped, handle with care. Do not take orally or apply to skin. Wash your hands thoroughly after use. If product comes into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water immediately. Seek medical advice if discomfort orrurs. Do not use this product for anything other than the intended purpose. No specific antidote. Bring along the label when seeking medical atention.

^PMD, endorsed by authorities like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Hong Kong Pesticides Registration No.: 1P198(VP)

Complete Mosquito Repellent Aroma Stone (Kyoho Grape)
5900 6500

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