3400 3800

- Convenient and easy-to-use mosquito repellent patch
- Highly adhesive 3M United States sticker
- Free of DEET and camphor
- Suitable for use by adults and children

Active ingredient:
Citronella Oil

Open the seal and take out the repelling patch from the sticker. It can be adhered to cuffs, trouser legs, skirts, desks, bedsides or other places to repel mosquitoes. It is suggested to use 2-4 patches each time to reach the maximum effect. Use with “Japan Ding Ding – Mosquito Repellent Spray” for better result.

Do not place patches directly onto skin.
Do not attach them to wool, leather or silk clothing.
This product may leave sticky residue under high temperature.
Wipe off the stains with cleansing oil.

Hong Kong Pesticides Registration No.: 1P146(VP)

Mosquito Repellent Patch 18's
3400 3800

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