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『Cupal Bifidus Bowel』is specially designed for bowel health which developed by Professor Geun Eog Ji from Food and Nutrition Department of Seoul National University and his team. Each sachet contain patented active probiotics formula “Tri-biotic BBA” (as “TBBA”), combine with prebiotics and dietary fiber which strengthens bowel motility gradually and help to soft stools. A clinical study proven that, "Tri-biotic BBA" contains a special protein which inhibits harmful bacteria .Also, it can direct access to the bowel due to its powerful anti-acid properties, while increasing the number of bowel “good” bacteria to maintain bowel health under a perfect formulation.

Optimize the ecological balance of bowel bacteria, smooth detox every day, bowel environmental reforming are the only effective way out!

B. Bifidum Powder, B. Longum Powder, L. Acidophilus Powder, Acacia Gum (Soluble Fibre), Chicory Fiber, Oligosaccharide, Mango Taste Powder, Vitamin C, Magnesium Stearate (Emulisifer)

1 - 2 sachets daily.Open the foil bag, chew directly or taken with lukewarm water. Taken with 30 minutes after meal for the best result.

Each box contains 20 Sachets.  Each sachet weighs 4g.

Storage Condition
Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children

This is a health supplement.  Do not take with hot water or milk over 40oC.
Cupal Bifidus Bowel 20 Sachets
25300 29800

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