With the muscle strengthening property, "CUPAL Complete Muscle Formula” is suitable for people who lose muscle mass and mobility as they age, helping them to regain muscle endurance and physical fitness. Clinical studies showed that HMB can increase muscle protein synthesis, promote the growth of new muscle tissues, support human tendon and skeletal muscle, and improve age-related health issues, such as immobility, loss of self-care ability, and frequent falls. Benefit *Enhance muscle endurance and agility, boost mobility *Rebuild muscle mass naturally lost over time *Maintain the Lean Body Mass (LBM), control the body fat ratio *Consolidate skeletal muscle, recover energy *Prevent protein degradation, promote muscle growth Pieces per Container 60 Capules Storage Condition Store in a cool an dry place. Keep out of reach of children Warnings Aged 12 or below, pregnant and lactating woman, or people on long term medications should consult physicians before taking.

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